Thursday, 27 August 2009

The 'Pelikan' in Bamberg

This week I went to Bamberg where I spent the first part of my university years. I'm totally in love with this place, it's one of the prettiest cities I know. (Charly and I also had our first official 'date' there, so I suppose that counts, too.)
With my friend Uta I had dinner at the 'Pelikan' - not only has this thai-restaurant always been my favourite place to eat, but it's also totally suitable for vegans! They have a whole page in their menu with approximately 12 to 15 vegetarian dishes, and - apart from the fried-rice and fried-noodle-ones that contain eggs - they are a 100% vegan. Lots of different curries with coconut milk, lots of different exotic vegetable dishes... the choice is so huge that I actually had a hard time deciding what I wanted. What's more, they only use vegetables from the area around Bamberg, everything is fresh, and they don't use any glutamate or other flavour enhancers.
So if you ever come to Bamberg and want to enjoy delicious vegan food - the PELIKAN is the place to go!


C said...

Klingt ja super! Ich steh total auf Thai Curries, mjam. Und wenn man dann auch noch so viel Auswahl hat, echt toll.

GRAS.GRUEN said...

Das sieht richtig chic aus !!
Bamberg ist in der Tat ein herrliches Plätzchen ( dafür das es ne Stadt ist ;-))