Friday, 12 March 2010

Oat milk, spelt milk, quinoa coconut milk

Recently my newly found friend Frances (the other vegan in France ;-)) asked me where she could find oat milk in France. I told her that I mostly buy my oat milk in Germany, being so close to the border here.
However, her question encouraged me to have a look around French vegan milks.... and I realised that there are plenty!

And I even found my new favourite brand of oat milk.... it's 'nature d'avoine' in the below picture. It's sooo deliciously yummy!!

I haven't tried the other two yet, though.... 'douceur d'épeautre' is spelt milk ('Dinkelmilch' in German), and the third one speaks for itself, I think... I can't wait to try that one - quinoa-coconut-milk, how awesome is that?
And who needs cow's milk, anyway? ;-)

It's such fun to be a vegan!


Frollein Holle said...

Quinoa-Kokos? Und die Tüte ist immernoch ZU? *kreisch*

Hase said...

Ja, Frollein - immer noch!
*verlegen guck*

Blumenmond said...

Ich kreisch mal mit. Das Zeugs hätt ich aber wohl direkt aufgemacht. Gibt es einen Versand ins Rheinland, falls Du positiv testest? Bütte!

Birdie said...

oh wie lecker!! Ich glaub ich muss auch mal nach Frankreich fahren zum vegan-shopping! :-)
Gibt es das alles in normalen Supermärkten oder in Bioläden?

Hase said...

@ Anja, Versand ins Rheinland ist vorgemerkt ;-)

@ Birdie, ja, das 'Bjorg' Zeug gibt es ganz normalen (grösseren) Supermärkten. Ist alles bio und echt ziemlich lecker. Erst heute habe ich vegane Kekse für Charly von Bjorg gekauft, aber psssst, verratet es ihm nicht, sonst fängt er gleich an, unkontrolliert zu sabbern :)

Mihl said...

Quinoa coconut sounds like a must-have!

Hase said...

Mihl, to be honest, it's still unopened.... but I opened and tried the spelt one yesterday (douceur d'épeautre), and it's delicious!! Really sweet, without any added sweeteners or sugar.
So far, this brand makes the nicest vegan milks I have ever tasted, I am not exaggerating!

Frances said...

I feel very honoured to get a mention in your blog, thank you!!

Love this milk selection - I haven't seen the oat milk, but I'll keep an eye out for these next time we visit a big supermarket.

Hope you're well - and sorry for the delay commenting! It is very exciting my cousin's here and he speaks German so I can understand all the comments that are in German - yay!! :D